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Custom Stamp Order Form

Please call our office for information on Signs & Name Plates

Print this page and fax it to (719) 327-5889 or copy and paste into an email to [email protected]

Company: _______________________________________________________________________ 

Attn: ____________________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

City/St/Zip: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________________________________

Fax (for proof): ___________________________________________________________________


Production Instructions: 

Type of Product:

___ Pre-Inked Stamp  _____ PSI _________ Size _________ Pre-Inked Stamp  _____ PSI Slim __________ Size _________ Pre-Inked Stamp  _____ MaxLight XL2 ________ Size _________ Self-Inking Stamp ______ Item Number ___________ Dater ______ Item Number ___________ Rubber Stamp (Stamp size will be determined after seeing imprint.)___ Notary - Self-Inking ______ Item Number (Please fax letter from state.)___ Notary - Embosser (Please fax letter from state.)___ Signature - Provide original signature, (3 on a page) in black ink, on white unlined paper sized to fit the size of stamp desired. 


Layout will be matched to your text/imprint submitted unless indicated with specifications below.


Flush Left___  Flush Right___ Centered___ Fill Stamp ___ Bold ___ Add Border ___

UPPER/lower (Mixed) Case___ ALL UPPER CASE___ all lower case___


Color of Ink:  Black___ Red___ Blue___ Other (please indicate)____________   (Stamp will have black ink, if not specified.)Stamp Layout: __________________________ / Font Size: _______________  (Stamp will have block lettering, if not specified.)  See our Custom Stamp catalog page for layout and size information, if needed.Text/Imprint:  (It is best to send what you want typed and how you would like for it to appear.  If you cannot, please be specific with what you would prefer your stamp to look like.)


Special Instructions: (**Due to probable size distortion of faxed copies, if the manufacturer needs to match an imprint that's stamped and faxed, please provide the dimensions of the lettering or of the overall imprint before it was faxed. Examples: "Letters must be 3/8" tall" or "Imprint should be 5/8"H x 1-3/8"W".)